Happy National Food Service Employees Day Header

Happy National Food Service Employees Day!

Every year on September 25th, the hard work done by food service employees is recognized. We want to give huge kudos and shout out to our Food Processing clients. Especially this year as they have all been essential, working throughout the pandemic, adjusting to new protocols, and some even pivoting their businesses entirely.

At Kleen Kraft Services, many of our clients are in the food industry—and there’s a good reason for that! From wrap-around smocks to chef coats, aprons, pocketless shirts, and more, Kleen Kraft’s food safety uniform program is designed to meet or exceed FDA and USDA regulations and comply with all HACCP standards to prevent cross-contamination.

Not only do we want our client’s food service employees to look good, but we want them to feel good too with high-quality, well-fitting, and hygienically clean uniforms that are free of bacteria, viruses, and other disease-producing organisms.

Want to learn more about why so many SoCal food industry companies choose Kleen Kraft Services as their uniform provider? Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about our uniform and facility maintenance programs! Have a Happy National Food Service Employees Day and Thank You for all you do!