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Don’t stay in a bad relationship. Choose Kleen Kraft.

Are you in an unhealthy relationship - with your uniform provider? Are you experiencing late deliveries, missing garments, or getting billed for items you never even received? Kleen Kraft Services has been family owned and operated since 1952, and our 70 years in the business has taught us what we need to do to have a healthy relationship with our clients: on time and complete deliveries, responsive route representatives, and proactive garment management. These, along with our high quality uniform garments and facility maintenance products, are among the many reasons why our clients broke up with their previous uniform provider and switched to Kleen Kraft. 

Fall in love with uniforms from Kleen Kraft

Kleen Kraft Services offers uniform rental programs that can be customized to your company’s specific needs. We provide uniforms services to many industries including:

Our garments are from established brands such as Red Kap, Bulwark, Port Authority, Carhartt, Wrangler, and more. Of course, we can customize garments with your business’s logo or brand, helping your employees to feel a sense of belonging and appreciation at work.  

Show your customers and employees you care with facility maintenance products

Show your facilities a little love with facility maintenance products from Kleen Kraft. No matter what industry you’re in, cleaning is an essential part of regular facility upkeep. Our facility service products include:

When you choose our facility maintenance products, your route service representative will monitor and replace paper products and disposables on a weekly basis. They will also pick up your reusable products (cloth towels, mats, and mops), replacing them with freshly laundered ones to ensure a safe and clean working environment for everyone that enters your facility.

Communication is the key to a happy relationship

At Kleen Kraft Services, we believe in building personal relationships with our clients. Included in your rental program is regular laundry services, picked up by the same route service representative so you see a familiar face with every delivery. Our state-of-the-art G-Mark bundle tracking technology provides you with accurate inventory, and on time deliveries. Additionally, we regularly check your garments as they are laundered at our facility to make sure they pass quality inspection. If they do not pass inspection, they are replaced on the spot – because you deserve only the best.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Kleen Kraft Services, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call, see how it feels to be treated right!