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One Size Doesn’t Fit All When It Comes to Uniforms or Uniform Programs

Most people spend a majority of their time on the job, and while it would be great to be able to work in our favorite pair of jeans or that ratty old t-shirt, that’s just not reality. But we do want to be comfortable and at ease in our workwear, which means it has to be the proper fit.

While standardized uniforms can be a gift, they can also be a curse, depending on how they look and fit. Uniform rental programs are great when it comes to bringing consistency to your employees’ look and company representation, but there’s a catch — the uniform also needs to fit as intended and complement the body size and shape of everyone.

That’s why Kleen Kraft specializes in uniforms for both men and women that are the right fit for the job. Whether you’re big and tall or short and small, no matter the industry or job function, we’ve got a large selection of uniforms to fit any build and keep everyone looking good.

Look Good and Feel Great with Kleen Kraft Services Uniform Programs

It’s important that your employees feel comfortable and stylish while they’re working on the job, because as they say, if you look good, you feel good. Uniforms from Kleen Kraft Services include stylish dress shirts, polo shirts, slacks, shorts, outerwear, and durable work shirts made specifically for almost every industry.

We offer plenty of options to serve everyone’s needs because we understand that no two employees are the same build, shape, or size. Speaking of sizes, they vary from one style to another, but most of our work uniforms and business casual apparel feature regular and extra-long sleeve options and sizes from XS to 4XL, and even higher for select styles. When it comes to work pants, we offer men’s styles from size 28 to 60 and women’s styles size 2 to 24.

Think about all the different shapes and sizes of your team. Everyone is unique. To maximize productivity and employee happiness on the job, you want everyone to feel confident and comfortable. Our team is here to help you create a uniform program that is the best fit for everyone, and your budget.

The Right Size Workwear for Many Industries

Proper fitting uniforms matter. While no one is comfortable wearing shirts too tight in the shoulders or pants that aren't quite long enough, that also presents a safety hazard.

Precise movement and physical flexibility are required in many industries to get the job done right and keep everyone safe. When your clothing limits movement and motion, that can become a problem. At Kleen Kraft Services, we offer workwear for specific industries and jobs such as:

We also include uniform outerwear, such as work jackets, quilted vests, hooded knit sweatshirts, and coveralls in a full range of sizes.

One Uniform Company for All Your Uniform Requirements

Employee sizes are as unique as the individual employees — we offer options to fit just about anyone. No matter what your industry or your uniform requirements, we do our best to ensure the proper fit by carefully measuring each of your employees before delivering the first uniform.

We have the capability, inventory, and technology to guarantee your team’s uniforms fit as they should. This keeps your employees looking and feeling great, all while each and every uniform is delivered complete and on time, every time — along with proactive repairs and replacements before they’re requested.

We have a uniform solution for you.

Contact a Kleen Kraft Services representative to learn more the all of the uniform garments we carry, along with our customizable uniform rental programs, and see why you should make the switch today.