Local dock worker uniform provider

Keep Dock Workers Safe with Enhanced Visibility Uniforms from Kleen Kraft

Local dock workers in and around Southern California have a tough but very important job. They are on call and working on the docks at all hours, often in low visibility and slippery environments. Protect your workers from on-the-job injuries and help them stay comfortable, dry, and visible with complete Enhanced Visibility garments from Kleen Kraft Services.

Enhanced Visibility Garments Helps Keep Your People Safe and Company Compliant

Reflective clothing known as enhanced visibility workwear is part of a wide spectrum of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workers in a variety of industries including dock workers.

Dock workers are now part of the top 20 occupations that require enhanced visibility workwear and apparel – and for good reason. Longshore or dock workers perform a variety of tasks involving physical labor and the operation of heavy machinery. They often have to climb great heights on narrow catwalks and scaffolds and use the machinery to move huge, heavy containers. One wrong move can be disastrous.

Our wide selection of quality enhanced visibility/safety workwear meets safety requirements while providing flexibility in movement and comfort.

Kleen Kraft Services assists a variety of industries that require specialty uniforms like Enhanced-Visibility, Safety Apparel, and Flame-Resistant (FR) Garments. Choose from a selection of shirts, pants, vests, jackets, rain gear, coveralls, and headwear from a company who has a history of doing things right.

We can help you choose the industrial workwear that’s right for your business and employees based on the day-to-day tasks required of everyone, customizing a uniform rental program that’s specific to you. Together, we can find a program that fits your safety needs and budget.

The quality garments we offer are designed and customized for specific work environments that require extra safety and oversight – like dock workers - without sacrificing comfort. View our online catalog or contact a customer representative today to learn about our competitive pricing, exceptional service, and extensive inventory.  We look forward to hearing from you!