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When it comes to running a business, there is a long list of things owners or facility managers have to keep track of. Making sure that the building’s restrooms are properly stocked is nobody’s favorite job, but it’s an important one. 

The state of your restrooms can make or break your customers' (and employees') perception of your business. No matter your industry, anyone who enters your facility is likely to expect a clean and well-maintained bathroom. If they encounter a dirty or unpleasant one, it could drive customers away.   

First impressions matter, and your restroom is no exception. Let Kleen Kraft Services help you manage your facility's products to maintain a clean restroom.


Let the Professionals Manage Your Restroom Supplies

Don’t let an unkempt bathroom be the reason people don’t come back to your business. Do you know that there are 5 most common restroom complaints? We offer you a solution to all of them: 

  • Unpleasant smells: with clean and crisp scents, foul odors don’t stand a chance with our air fresheners. They’re the perfect size to be placed discreetly, or our door air fresheners release fragrance upon every opening. Our odor control products also include urinal screens and mats–the scents even match our air fresheners!
  • Inadequate supply of toilet paper and paper towels: we provide high-capacity dispensers, and your route service representative will work with you to set up a paper replenishment schedule. This way, no one has to be left with an empty roll of toilet paper. 
  • Insufficient soap: Kleen Kraft provides weekly soap replenishment so that customers and employees will always have soap and sanitizer available. Because no one should leave the restroom with dirty hands! 
  • Broken dispensers: Our dispensers are designed to be durable and stand up against high-frequency use. We also offer touchless automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers. Plus, with our regular service schedule, we can keep an eye on your dispensers to resolve or replace them quickly.
  • Slippery floors caused by spills and splashes: We’ll also provide your business with floor mats, wet or dry mops, and we’ll handle the laundry! Mats and mop heads will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular schedule. 

When you work with Kleen Kraft Services, your dedicated route representative monitors and replenishes all necessities on a weekly basis. They also collect items such as reusable towels, mats, and mop heads, laundering/cleaning them regularly to ensure a clean environment for everyone. Rather than spending valuable time managing your own in-house supplies, let us manage your supply program for you. 

With a broad customer base across Southern California in industries such as food processing, manufacturing, and auto shops, Kleen Kraft offers our customers superior-quality janitorial supplies.


Boost Your Business Image

Choosing Kleen Kraft to manage your facility's products means that:

  • You’ll have a clean image for your business and a positive impression among customers. 
  • Having a fully stocked restroom makes your daily cleaning schedule easy. Employees won’t have to go searching for products because you’ll always have exactly what you need and never what you don’t - which also saves you money!
  • Instill a sense of ease among customers regarding the overall operation of your business. Customers who come across unclean restrooms may develop negative perceptions of your business and lose trust, while a clean, tidy bathroom will keep your business at the top of mind.


Create a Positive First Impression with Kleen Kraft

Restrooms can significantly impact perceptions of your business–whether that’s positive or negative is up to you. Investing in our managed facility service products is a cost-effective solution that can help you maintain clean and hygienic restrooms.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business’ restroom replenishment program today!