Kleen Kraft Blog Headers - Branded Garments

Do you want your employees to stand out from the crowd? Trying to make your team look a little more cohesive, or wanting to boost company morale? Kleen Kraft Services has just what you’re looking for. We don’t just provide you with high-quality garments, we help you suit up with your brand! 

Like any of our other products, we take your logo seriously. Kleen Kraft takes care of you, and displaying your logo on uniforms isn’t something we’ll cut corners on! Trust us with your brand, and you’ll only get benefits from it.

Wondering what kind of benefits you get when outfitting your team in workwear that features your brand? We’ll break it down for you!

Create Your Strongest Team Yet

There’s a lot that goes into building a team of happy employees. Creating a sense of belonging and company culture makes your employees feel like their company truly cares about them. Getting uniforms with your brand is a great way to start instilling a unified community within your business. 

Uniforms with your logo can benefit your company culture by:

  1. Instilling a sense of pride and belonging: when everyone is wearing coordinating uniforms with the same logo, your employees will feel like they truly belong, and they’ll feel proud to display their company's logo on their clothing!
  2. Increasing productivity and morale: Kleen Kraft’s uniforms are made with high-quality fabrics that keep your team comfortable when working. With the addition of customized garments with your brand, they’ll feel like they are truly a part of a team. When your employees feel good, they’ll work better and harder! 
  3. Making your employees look more professional: when working with customers, it’s important to look professional, feel confident, and be memorable! Putting your logo on apparel doesn’t just make your uniforms look more cohesive and orderly, but it identifies your workforce and makes your business more memorable to customers! When you're wearing your logo with pride, your business is more likely to stand out from the crowd. 
  4. Increasing awareness of your company when employees leave the workplace: for your delivery drivers, it’s important to show that they are still a part of the team even when they’re off the job site. It can be easy to feel a separation from the company when they are driving and making deliveries all day off-site. And for customers, there’s a stronger sense of trust when they see your logo embellished on a driver's uniform. 

Branding doesn’t need to stop at everyday workwear though. In our catalog, we also offer custom-logoed jackets and outerwear for your employees! This is a great way to have “marketing on the go!” It makes your team look professional when out of the workplace, and it’ll make them want to show your company's logo off with pride! 

You trust us with your uniforms, trust us with your brand! 

Suit Up With Your Logo!

Getting customized is a great boost for company culture and for looking more professional. Trust us, once you make the switch you’ll see and feel the difference!

Suit up with Kleen Kraft today and contact us here!