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As 2018 comes to a close and companies start thinking about their goals for the new year, investing in a company-wide work uniform program may be at the top of your list. No matter what industry or size of business, there are a multitude of uniform styles and programs, sure to fit the needs of your employees. At Kleen Kraft Services, we have a history of uniform rental excellence and service a range of industries including auto dealerships, dock workers, manufacturing, food safety, and more. Regardless of industry, here are five common reasons why choosing to work with a uniform rental specialist, like Kleen Kraft, is a good choice!

  1. Professional Image for Everyone

A clean and simple work uniform will speak volumes to your customer base. In any business, a first impression means everything. Set your people up for success by ensuring they always look their best with clean, well made and coordinated uniforms. Taking the time to make sure your people look good signifies a professional investment in your company, and that is immediately made clear to your customers. Not to mention, customized and logo’d workwear builds brand awareness and recognition.

  1. Compliance is Everything

In industries such as food processing, medical hospitals and labs, and dock workers, etc., specialized uniforms can be a requirement. For example, food processing uniforms must be in compliance with HACCP regulations and dock/construction workers may require enhanced visibility uniforms to stay safe on the job. Read more on Key Considerations for HACCP Uniform Suppliers.

  1. Provides a Sense of Equality and Belonging

High-quality uniforms create a sense of purpose and unity throughout the team, pushing them to invest in themselves and the growth of the company. Branded gear makes people feel special and encourages employees to take pride in their place of business. They also create a level playing field for everyone, taking the stress of purchasing professional clothing out of the equation.

  1. Get Uniforms Repaired (Before you know you need it!)

At Kleen Kraft, we check and recheck all garments as they roll through our laundry facility, making sure they pass our quality inspection. If any come through that require repair or replacement, we do it on the spot. Many times, this happens without a specific request from the customer. It’s our responsibility to guarantee quality uniforms at every delivery and our employees take the initiative to address any and all quality concerns before the garments leave our facility.

  1. On time Pick Up and Delivery

Working with Kleen Kraft Services for your uniform rental service drastically reduces your likelihood of garment misplacement and replacement. Barcode and RFID chip technology allows our Route Service Supervisors and Representatives to track and monitor every garment, with clear, up to the minute report availability. We make this information readily available to every customer through G-Mark, our online uniform management system.

Learn more about Kleen Kraft Services, and if you’re ready to work with a family-owned and operated uniform rental company, then contact us today.