Safety and Environment

Long before the green movement became the trend, Kleen Kraft instituted measures to promote recycling and conservation of resources. Apart from recycling all of our hangars, we also recycle sixty percent of the water we use to wash and rinse our garments. Also, our heated water serves as an excellent renewable resource. Instead of unnecessarily using energy to heat unused water, we use a state of the art TEA (Thermal Engineering of America) system to reclaim the heat from used water, which then goes on to heat the incoming water from the local utility. Possibly our most unsung hero of conservation is our Continuous Cloth Roll Towel. For more than half a century, Kleen Kraft Services has promoted the use of Roll Towels for a number of reasons. First, roll towels eliminate the need for paper towels, thus cutting down on the amount of waste going into landfills and the amount of paper being used to create the towels. Roll towels are also safer and more efficient than electric hand dryers. Often times, electric hand dryers cause puddles to accumulate on the floor, which creates the risk of slipping, mold, and further sanitary issues.

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